April 13, 2023

Why the Best Superfood for a Ketogenic Diet is Spirulina

Are you following a ketogenic diet and looking for the newest superfood? Spirulina is the only option! This blue-green algae is the ideal addition to your low-carb, high-fat diet because it has a remarkable nutritional profile. There is no doubting that spirulina is a true nutritional powerhouse, with benefits ranging from improving weight loss to strengthening brain function. So take a scoop, and prepare to learn why spirulina is the best superfood for anyone eating a ketogenic diet.

Describe Spirulina.

A superfood with numerous health advantages is spirulina. It has a relatively low calorie count and is rich in protein and other minerals. A good source of chlorophyll, which is known to have detoxifying effects, is also found in spirulina. Spirulina is available in powder or tablet form, and it can be used as a supplement or added to smoothies or juices.

Gains from Spirulina

Getting enough protein is one of the most crucial components of ketogenic diets. And when it comes to protein, spirulina is among the best options. A form of blue-green algae called spirulina is extremely abundant in protein, with aminoblue spirulina phycocyanin powder acids making up about 60% of its dry weight. Additionally, it includes every important amino acid your body requires to function effectively. Spirulina's high protein content can aid in muscle growth, good weight maintenance, and increased energy levels.

Spirulina: How to Include It in Your Keto Diet

If you follow the keto diet, you are aware of the difficulty in obtaining enough protein. The solution is spirulina. Because it is so high in protein, spirulina, a form of blue-green algae, is the ideal supplement to a ketogenic diet. Spirulina is a fantastic source of protein, but it's also rich in minerals like iron, magnesium, and potassium.

Simply add spirulina to juices, smoothies, or shakes to incorporate it into your keto diet. It can also be included in stir-fries or soups. Or, if you want to use spirulina in a more inventive way, consider using the powder to make your own energy bars or balls. Just be careful to stay away from anything with extra sugar or carbohydrates.

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The Superfood You Need: Health Benefits of Spirulina

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February 18, 2022

Five reasons why smart toilet te...

With advances in smart toilet technology, facility managers can now confidently achieve cleanliness goals that have a measurable impact on tenant satisfaction and sustainability.

Many commercial buildings throughout North America have adopted and integrated smart building technologies. Nearly 90 percent of buildings use at least one form of smart building technology. By next year, experts estimate that more than 1.4 billion network devices will be deployed in commercial buildings across the United States.

Toilet is not a top priority for facility managers to evaluate their smart building management strategies. However, more facility managers are realizing that toilets are an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their detailed attention to facility hygiene and cleanliness.

When using smart toilet technology, facility managers have the opportunity to promote performance improvements that are extremely valuable to their entire building management ecosystem. Here are five reasons why smart facility managers are increasingly focusing on toilet technology:


The toilet is one of the most trafficked yet least known areas of any building. In the process, people go to the toilet an average of three to four times a day, touching many common surfaces. This makes toilets a breeding ground for viruses. Although commercial buildings such as lobbies and cafeterias have a high flow of people, toilets lack front desk or security personnel to monitor and solve problems. Gone are the days of toilet attendants in a commercial setting.

A lack of understanding of restroom conditions can quickly lead to a poor user experience, increased tenant complaints, and unsanitary conditions—issues that compound a facility manager's challenging workday.

Waste expenses

Standard restroom service protocols often result in costly waste as cleaning teams fill soap and paper dispensers prematurely. Stockers are concerned that soap trays, paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls will run out between pre-scheduled maintenance visits. Unused consumables are often thrown away rather than risk running out, resulting in a waste of total purchased consumables.

In addition to the significant financial impact of this approach, there are also sustainability concerns. Whether reducing waste or maximizing return on investment, we should explore any opportunities for improvement through smart toilet management.

Commercial building cleaning procedures when building commercial buildings.

We've all seen clipboards tucked behind doors used to track cleaning routines in public toilets against a schedule. Although it is traditional, time-based cleaning procedures do not account for service opportunities between visits.

As people return to work, facility managers are working with building services contractors to reimagine everything from traditional schedules to activity- and demand-based cat5e patch panel.


You can't have a healthy building without clean bathrooms. A recent survey found that about three-quarters of consumers agree that if the bathroom isn't clean, they don't trust the rest of the facility to be properly cleaned.

The cleaning team faced various challenges in keeping the toilets clean and the building hygienic.

For example, if bathrooms are planned rather than used, hygiene can pose a risk because germs and germs can accumulate during planned cleaning visits.

In addition, toilet conditions may change following a sudden increase in traffic, such as after a meeting or lunch. Due to unplanned demand for restroom services, facility managers must quickly adjust and account for unplanned service needs.

These are just some of the challenges of maintaining healthy buildings. As the mixed work trend develops, variable facility occupancy rates may add another layer of complexity to providing clean buildings and restrooms.

Smart toilet technology.

Transforming traditional toilets into smart toilets is no longer a mysterious task. Smart Internet software for office buildings, healthcare, shopping malls, airport public buildings, healthcare, shopping malls, airports and manufacturing facilities.

The integration of smart restroom sensors with mobile devices makes smart restroom technology seamless and simple. This is an opportunity to improve toilet management. It's time to make toilets smart.

In today's fashionable times, building leaders must strategically deploy cleaning resources and increase building hygiene awareness. Their efforts must be visible and reassure building residents that their health and safety is a top priority for the facility management team. The addition of smart toilet technology makes it easier for building managers to meet public expectations, which is not only good for residents but also good for business.

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September 14, 2021

What should I do if my baby has ...

The problem of baby's bowel movements is also a big problem! The baby does not defecate and has been constipated for several days. What should I do? In fact, the baby does not have a bowel movement, in addition to constipation, it may also be a stomachache. However, many mothers don't know what swelling up is, so they often mistakenly think that the bb便便.

Mom must know the difference between belly deposit and constipation:

What is the abdomen phenomenon?

The so-called belly saving is actually a normal physiological phenomenon in the growth and development of babies. It is the process of improving the digestive ability of babies. It is mainly manifested in the decrease in the number of bowel movements of the baby, but the shape of the stool is not hard, and the bowel movement is easy and effortless. In addition, mental state, diet and sleep are normal and undisturbed. Mainly because the baby's stomach will not affect the absorption and health of nutrients, so special care and treatment are not required.

What is constipation?

Constipation refers to a decrease in the frequency of bowel movements, a small amount of stool, dryness and hardness, and difficulty in defecation. In addition, symptoms such as blood in the stool, anal pain, and diarrhea may also occur. The reasons for baby constipation are: functional and organic. Among them, the functional reasons are mostly related to defecation and poor eating habits. The organic factors are mainly some of the primary diseases bb冇便便.

Why do babies accumulate?

Some breast-fed infants or some mixed-fed infants gradually increase their digestive capacity as they age, and can fully digest and absorb breast milk, resulting in a reduction in food residues produced every day, which is not enough to stimulate the rectum and form Defecation, eventually leading to no shit for many days.

What should I do if the baby has a belly?

As long as the baby's bowel movements are normal (mushy), parents don't need to worry too much. The previous practice can be done without any treatment or drinking water. However, new research suggests that the amount of breast milk is just enough or slightly insufficient for the baby at this time, so it should be adjusted to the ideal number of bowel movements, that is, 1-2 times a day. If the baby has a belly-up, mom and dad can massage the bb便秘.

How to distinguish between belly and constipation?

The baby has a stomachache. First, the stool is soft and yellow, and then the bowel movement is easy and effortless. Finally, the baby's diet, sleep, and spirit are all normal, without any discomfort or abnormality. Infant constipation is firstly caused by dry and hard stools, yellow-brown or coffee-colored, and then difficulty in defecation, which can easily cause anal fissure or bloodshot in the stool. Finally, the baby will have poor appetite, poor sleep and mental state, and noisy, especially when going to the toilet.

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September 02, 2021

What should I do about postpartu...

The three main culprits of postpartum hair loss are hormones, emotions, diet and care.

1. Properly understand postpartum hair loss.

Avoid hair coloring and perming, wash and protect your hair properly. Remember not to dye and perm your hair after delivery, especially during the care phase. Choose a safe conditioner to care for your hair. 女士脫髮 When washing your hair, knead it gently, not too hard. Dry your hair naturally after washing and gently comb it with a wooden comb or fingers.

3. Avoid exposing your hair. Although hair should be dried naturally, but usually do not expose to the sun for a long time, otherwise hair will become dry, hair quality will decline, and more likely to fall out.

4. keep a relaxed mood. New mothers should relax themselves, keep a good mind at all times, and live a cheerful and happy life. 5.

The new mother should relax and keep a good attitude at all times, and live a cheerful and happy life. 5. maintain a healthy diet:

The new mother should be relaxed and always have a good attitude, be cheerful and happy. The new mother should be relaxed at all times.

The new mother should be able to take the following steps: pork liver, spinach, fungus, blood, pork, and fruits such as cherries, grapes, and peaches.

Plant protein supplement

Eat foods with high protein content, such as milk, soybeans, eggs, shrimp, crab, pork and beef.

Eat more vegetables and fruits

It is recommended to eat more vegetables and fruits after delivery as a way to balance the body's acidity and alkalinity for healthier hair.

The following are some of the most important factors to consider Vitamin E supplement

VE is also helpful for hair growth and can alleviate the problem of hair loss. Eat more nuts, such as almonds, peanuts, also eat more lettuce and other green vegetables.

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August 19, 2021

Should fruits be peeled during t...

During the ncp period, citizens may worry that the surface of the fruit may be contaminated by npv, so it is not safe to eat raw fruit without peeling.

Fruit is a 蔡加赞 food in our daily diet, rich in vitamins. During the ncp period, citizens may worry that the surface of the fruit may be contaminated by npv, so it is not safe to eat raw fruit without peeling.

In fact, as an animal-derived virus, the new coronavirus is mainly spread through respiratory droplets, aerogels, and close contact. They are unlikely to rely on fruit to sustain their lives. According to reports, no one has contracted new coronary pneumonia from eating fruits.

How should we eat fruits safely and nutritiously?

There are many types of fruits, such as bananas, apples, grapes, cherries, peaches, grapefruits, oranges, mangoes, etc. The requirements for peeling and peeling are different for different fruits. Such as apples, grapes, cherries, etc. cannot be eaten without peeling, because these fruits contain a lot of plant active ingredients, which are good for health. Bananas, grapefruits, oranges, mangoes, etc. It is recommended to eat without the skin, because the skin taste of these fruits is difficult to swallow, which is an unconventional eating part. In addition, fruits such as peaches can be peeled and eaten, and they can be washed and depilated after eating. Therefore, eating fruits without skins cannot be generalized.

Then some people may ask, if I eat apples and grapes, can I eat them without the skin? Of course, I can eat them without the skin, but from the perspective of preserving the nutrition of the fruit, we recommend eating with the skin after washing. We can wash the fruit thoroughly with tap water, or we can wash the fruit thoroughly with a fruit cleaner.

In daily life, there are many kinds of fruits, and their peels are rich in nutrients. For example, grape skin contains resveratrol and anthocyanins, which can protect blood vessels and enhance immunity. Apple peel is an excellent source of dietary fiber that promotes digestion. It contains vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that can delay aging.

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August 10, 2021

The new development trend of rur...

From the 80th era of the 20th new century leisure farming in China, the development of rural tourism mainly relies on folk spontaneity, to the 90th era of the 20th new century, government departments gradually purposefully and fully promote the development of rural tourism, then rural tourism continued to improve, rapid development, into the "golden period". 2016, across the country Rural tourism received 2.1 billion visitors, accounting for nearly half of the total number of visitors received across the country, and the shape of industrial ecosystem tourism, leisure and tourism agriculture, tourism towns, etc. prevailed in villages across the country.

According to the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism responsible for the details, at this stage, in China's rural tourism key there are six ways: one is the tourist attractions to promote the development of the type, the key according to the acceptance of tourist attractions radiation source, for tourist attractions to give diversified supporting facilities service projects or diversified tourism commodities, to produce tourist attractions and the countryside complement each other good development situation; two is the folk culture dependent type, the key to historical The third is the rural B&B inn-driven type, the key to the B&B inn as the key feeling goods, closely around the tourism elements to produce a rich and colorful rural tourism product system, and then cultivate a well-known brand of rural tourism products with significant regional characteristics; fourth is the Ecological environment-dependent, the key relying on high-quality ecological resources, green ecological feeling, green ecological study trip, health and retirement leisure vacation, etc., the key advantage of "green low-carbon environmental protection" and "close to nature"; five is idyllic scenery Tourism tourism leisure class, the key relies on the beautiful countryside beauty and rural living environment, closely around the native culture garden landscape and agriculture to produce diversified tourism feeling goods; Sixth is the tourism precision poverty growth, according to the core government departments, resources to rent, the company to promote the method, the development of tourism and precision poverty deep integration, to produce tourism to promote the actual effect of getting rich.

After the observation and investigation in different parts of the country, the authoritative expert of rural construction and the former disciplinary secretary of the Ministry of Finance for the establishment of beautiful countryside feel that rural tourism has been included in the "auxiliary tools" of local rural revitalization by the government departments all over the country as a key special tool. This means that in the future, rural tourism is bound to have a broader industry outlook and indoor space for development, but at the same time it also means that there is no shortage of misconceptions that must be borne in mind.

It shows that not all villages are capable of developing rural tourism. In fact, the vast majority of rural transformation and development is not appropriate to take the road to develop rural tourism. In addition, at this stage there are some areas where there is "too much rural tourism", part of the "oversupply" problem has occurred.

Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute expert professor in the acceptance of China Youth Network - China Youth Online reporter interview also focus on the countryside can not be engaged in tourism, but also not all the countryside is a standard engaged in tourism. A countryside is not with the development of rural tourism standards, must be scientific research, objective, objective to carry out the distinction, not easy to follow the pattern of the gourd, blindly follow the wind to follow the example.

We think that the development of rural tourism and the completion of rural revitalization must pay attention to several difficulties.

First, rural revitalization involves the industrial chain, culture and art, excellent talents, green ecology, institutions and other aspects in the work. To develop rural economic development, it is imperative to deal with the problem that rural households are in passive leisure time and idle without using resources flexibly. Let the masses have urgent things to do in their leisure time outside of the farming season that can cause sufficient economic gains; at the same time, the idle unused real estate resources outside of the farmers' self-occupation must be applied by some people and there must be good projects that can cause sufficient economic gains.


In addition, there must be a new understanding of the countryside. The countryside is not the countryside, the countryside is the indoor space where the agricultural and livestock production process and freelance people gather, while the countryside is mainly matched with the big cities. Although the high-quality development of agriculture and animal husbandry is still crucial, the types of industries that can be introduced in the countryside must be more than just agriculture and animal husbandry. To promote the revitalization of the countryside, rural tourism and resort tourism are viable development directions.

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August 03, 2021

What to look for in a 2-year-old...

Diarrhea and bloating in 2-year-olds are often caused by poor digestion in the infant's intestines or by swallowing too much air. Two-year-old babies can be unstable and cry a lot. The baby's appetite is usually poor and he often vomits maliciously.

There are three general causes of bloating and diarrhea in babies:

1. Inhaling too much air: Infants may be bloated because they are not in the right position to breastfeed or are eating too fast and inhaling too much air.

2. Indigestion: Your baby's bloating and diarrhea may be caused by indigestion. If it is caused by indigestion, mothers should not only balance the nutrition of the baby's diet, but also pay attention to the amount of food the baby eats. The newest and most popular of these is the "The New York Times".

3. Gastrointestinal disorders: If your baby is bloated and has diarrhea, it may be a gastrointestinal disorder, such as enteritis or gastritis. The first thing you need to do is to take your baby to the hospital. The mother should take the baby to the doctor first, and the flatulence and diarrhea will disappear after the baby's gastrointestinal disease is cured.

Baby mothers should also pay attention to a few things:

1. Pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness Food should be fresh and clean, utensils should be disinfected, drinking water should be kept clean, and children and their caregivers should develop the good habit of washing their hands before bb肚脹.

2. Insist on breastfeeding, especially in the first few months after birth. This is because breast milk is best suited to the nutritional needs and digestive capacity of infants. The human breast contains IgA, which neutralizes E. coli enterotoxin and prevents E. coli infection.

Consider the quality of the diet. Infants up to 3 months of age do not have enough breast milk and require appropriate dilution of milk or milk replacer products to facilitate digestion and absorption.

4. Pay attention to a reasonable mix of your child's diet, with lightness as the main focus. As long as your child is not vomiting frequently, you should encourage your child to eat more, mainly liquid and semi-liquid foods, such as milk, rice soup and porridge.

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July 23, 2021

Is low white blood cell suscepti...

When people have a fever, doctors often give routine blood tests to try to determine the cause of the fever from the routine blood tests. In the case of a bacterial infection, white blood cells will rise, while those infected by a virus will usually be normal or fall.

This new coronavirus disease, referred to by the World Health Organization as novel coronavirus pneumonia virus disease, is caused by a virus called sars-cov-2. After infection with the virus, white low white blood cell count blood cells are usually normal or reduced, especially lymphocytes, which is one of the most distinctive features of the disease. The most commonly used routine blood tests detect three major cellular components of the blood: red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Of these, leukocytes are the most important factor in identifying infectious diseases.

Leukocytes include lymphocytes, neutrophils, monocytes, eosinophils and basophils. Leukocytes play a similar role as guards in the body and are an important component of the body's immune system. Each type of leukocyte has its own immune activity. Leukocytes are distributed throughout the body as the blood circulates, constantly monitoring and identifying potential pathogens that may invade the body and attempting to destroy or drive them away.

The reason why viruses like the novel coronavirus infect the body is due to leukopenia may be due to the action of the virus itself on the one hand and the depletion and destruction of leukocytes on the other.

Since white blood cells are an important component of the body's immune defense system, a decrease in white blood cells indicates that the body's immunity may have been damaged to some extent and care should be taken to avoid secondary infections. It is important to ensure adequate nutrition, rest, hygiene, avoid staying up late, pay attention to skin surface hygiene, and avoid drug abuse. It is important to seek prompt medical attention and regular check-ups after the development of leukopenia.

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July 14, 2021

How to strengthen your immune sy...

In life, some people are particularly susceptible to diseases, and some people are usually not susceptible to diseases, what is going on? In fact, this is related to our body's immunity, people with low immunity are vulnerable to disease, so what is immunity? The body's own defense mechanism is the immune system, unbalanced diet, lack of sleep, excessive stress, lack of exercise, etc., are prone to low immunity, 褐藻. How can we improve our immune system?

Share with you seven ways to improve the body's immune system.

1. Participate in exercise.

Exercise 30-45 minutes a day, 5 days a week, after 12 weeks of adherence to increase the number of immune cells, relatively speaking, resistance will improve.

2, vitamin supplementation.

Proper daily supplementation of vitamins and minerals. Experts point out that the body's weapons against foreign invasion, including interferon and the number and vitality of various immune cells are related to vitamins and minerals.

3、Improve the ecological environment in the human body.

Bifidobacterium intestinal, Lactobacillus and other beneficial flora with broad-spectrum immunogenicity, can stimulate the body's immune lymphocyte division and proliferation, mobilize the non-specific immune system, "eat" a variety of pathogenic bacteria, produce a variety of antibodies to improve the body's immunity.

4, the foot can be massaged.

Soak your feet in hot water and then rub the heart of the feet, the effect is better. Specifically: sitting cross-legged, left hand holding the left toe, right hand palm surface rub the right foot, back and forth rub 100 times. Replace the foot, massage 100 times a day in the morning and evening.

5, with the help of sleep.

Good sleep will lead to a significant increase in the number of two types of lymphocytes in the body. Before going to bed, the body produces a sleep factor called cytosolic acid, which leads to an increase in white blood cells, active macrophages and enhanced liver detoxification, thus eliminating the invading bacteria and viruses.

Maintain an optimistic state of mind.

A good state of mind keeps the body in top condition. Conversely, great mental stress can increase the hormonal components that inhibit the body's immune system, and therefore are vulnerable to colds or other viruses.

Seven, drink in moderation.

Alcohol has a negative impact on every part of the body. Even if drinking alcohol can lower cholesterol, it should be limited to one glass a day, and excessive drinking can cause serious damage to the heart and other organs.

This way we can improve our immune system. Therefore, usually pay attention to exercise and maintain a positive and optimistic attitude. Some bad habits in life should also be corrected so that our immune system can work properly and improve our own immunity, our body can be healthy and our life can be happier.

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July 05, 2021

It is commonly used clinically a...

It is believed that people who have suffered or are suffering from toothache have such infections, and they are afraid to eat and sleep when they have toothache, which is particularly uncomfortable. All these confirm the saying "toothache is not a disease, but a pain is a human life". However, if you want to get rid of toothache, you can't. Everyone needs to master some relief methods. So what is it about frequent toothaches? Next, follow me to learn more about it.

The first test prescription is.

When treating diseases such as pulpitis, periodontitis and toothache, take garlic and mash it, and apply it to the painful point with warmth.



The second test prescription is.

After the MSG concentration of 1:50 is dissolved in warm water, the MSG solution is vomited by mouth for a while. So several times in a row, adhere to two days after the toothache will be good.


The third prescription is.

When the toothache can be cut a small piece of ginger bite in the pain, if necessary, can be used repeatedly, before going to bed in the mouth. This prescription is very safe and reliable.

The four test prescriptions are.

Put 100 grams of ordinary white wine into a tea jar, add 10 grams of table salt; stir, wait for the salt to dissolve and then place it on the stove and boil. Take a sip in the painful area, taking care not to swallow downward, and the toothache stops immediately.

Etiology of toothache

Toothache is caused by pulpitis.

If some patients with toothache have painful symptoms when brushing their teeth with cool water, they can use warm water to relieve them, that is, teeth are afraid of cold and not afraid of heat, toothache may also be caused by pulpitis. Because the inflammation site of pulpitis is in the pulp cavity in the center of the tooth, it is difficult for most drugs to reach here, because it is more difficult to treat, and some people even say that pulpitis is "incurable", and the effect of painkillers is not very satisfactory. If pulpitis occurs, it is best to go to a regular dental hospital with a knife for treatment and handling.

Toothache is caused by periapical inflammation.

Generally, if the pulpitis is not controlled, then the condition will further develop, the pain will further aggravate, and the bacteria will further invade the tissues around the tip of the patient's tooth, triggering periapical inflammation. In the early stage of periapical inflammation, patients will feel a puffy feeling in their teeth, and they will bite into the diseased tooth without paying attention, and the pain will be unbearable. In the early stage of the disease, the scope of inflammation is small, and if painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs are applied, the inflammation can be controlled to some extent, but the effect is not ideal. When the scope of inflammation expands further, the patient's cheeks will become red, swollen and pus-filled, and the patient will experience fever and generalized pain, which must be treated with broad-spectrum antibiotics and drugs with good pain-relieving effects.

When pericoronitis occurs, it may lead to toothache.

Pericoronitis occurs when the mandibular wisdom tooth has just grown out or its eruption is obstructed, which is one of the main causes of toothache. The onset of pericoronitis is also one of the main causes of toothache, and the initial manifestation of pericoronitis is swollen and painful gums, and normal eating will be seriously affected, and even difficulty in speaking. For toothache caused by pericoronitis, saline and 2% hydrogen peroxide can be used to rinse the inflammation site, and then iodine glycerin can be placed twice a day.

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June 18, 2021

What to order with hot pot, sugg...

The company's business is a lot of delicious but also therefore need to learn the skills, many people are because of an infrequent hot pot or to eat for the first time, for eating hot pot should order what to eat are not very clear 米線 understanding, each event is casual point to eat back, the result is not addictive, and even they feel that eating hot pot is not as good as they thought, in fact, the main reason is because you Will not order, then China today Lin Da will share with you 10 kinds of hot pot must order food.

What hot pot did you order? What is delicious?

1, meat dishes. Eat hot pot, must order 14 kinds of meat dishes, fatty beef, tripe, duck intestine or goose intestine, shrimp slices, beef balls, tender meat slices, yellow throat, baby fish, spicy beef, marinated fat sausage, old meat slices, crispy pork, pork liver;

Figure 2: Vegetarian food. You can also order duck blood, lotus root, 火鍋配料 goldfish, potatoes, seaweed, tofu, cabbage, bean sprouts, Chinese cabbage and other 11 kinds of vegetable powder, tofu and winter melon, totaling 24 dishes.

What is important to eat hot pot shabu-shabu these dishes? How long does it take to make rice?

1. tripe, duck intestine, goose intestine, yellow throat, ratatouille, spicy beef, old meat slices. Eat these seven kinds of meat dishes we need to "seven on eight", meaning that the ingredients into the hot pot for a 米線 while and immediately have to take out and put into a hot own so that a repeat into the hot pot hot 8 times on 7 times can be, if too much trouble can also be achieved by directly into the pot hot 15 seconds or so after eating, the taste of the most crisp and delicious, hot for a long time will be hard and not delicious;

2. fatty beef rolls, tender slices of meat, shrimp sliders, pork liver, bean skin.

Duck blood, tofu, bean sprouts, golden mushrooms. Eat these four vegetables in the pot generally need to boil about 10 seconds, the taste of the latest fresh, tender, bad taste;

Figure 4: Beef meatballs, stewed sausage, winter melon, potato flour, nori, potatoes, cabbage, lotus root slices. These 10 dishes should be boiled for at least 1 minute before serving to ensure that they are thoroughly cooked and have the right flavor.

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June 08, 2021

Will need an Angel Investor? Just Open up Up Clu...

STARTUp FUNDRAISING May be blood sport, which also can make it excellent amusement. Shark Tank very first brought pitch decks to prime time in 2009, spawning a complete style of investment-as-reality-TV. To name just a few: Fulfill the Drapers (hosted by venture capitalist Tim Draper), Cleveland Hustles (hosted by basketball legend LeBron James), Entrepreneur Elevator pitch (precisely what it seems like), The Financial gain (weirdly, for purchasing failing corporations), Dragon's Den (like Shark Tank but British), and Tigers of cash (like Shark Tank but Japanese).

The newest entrée on this theme isn't on tv but on Clubhouse. Each and every Wednesday at 3 pm pacific time, a different handful of founders duke it out in advance of a panel of angel buyers inside a weekly exhibit termed Angelhouse. Hundreds more and more people pay attention in. The discussions in between founders and traders is often academic, but"the function of hearing pitches is not to offer assistance,” says Geoff Cook, one of the angels."It's to come to a decision: Does one need to make investments or not?”

From your start, Clubhouse has experienced a vibrant startup scene, and a lot of of the application's top consumers are undertaking capitalists. It's not unheard of to stumble into a area full of business owners training their pitches, or investors talking about the most up-to-date startup trends. Cook, who founded his first startup as being a freshman at Harvard in 1997, has marketed many organizations and now dabbles in angel investing. Soon after spending a while on Clubhouse earlier this year, he recognized it'd be considered a fantastic position to discover some new offer movement. He requested a number of other angels he realized should they wished in, as well as in wired microphone price.

Just about every 7 days, Angelhouse invitations 4 founders up to the phase. Nearly all of the individuals have submitted an application variety forward of your time, nevertheless the demonstrate will from time to time pluck a volunteer within the audience to pitch to the place. You will discover no slide decks or B-roll footage on Clubhouse. As a substitute, it's an hourlong trade amongst founders along with the buyers probing their ideas, such as the at times uninteresting particulars: technical specs, cash flows, distribution styles. Afterward, the angels?awho are scattered all over the entire world?aretreat to your non-public back channel on Slack, where they chat about which, if any, pitches are practical investments. They invite their favorites back every fifth 7 days for the Dollars Display, where by they decide which they need to invest in. Not one person"wins” Angelhouse's Funds Display; in some cases, no one will get picked. You can find only one gimmick: If 1 angel writes a check, they all write a look at.

For founders, the procedure can be shockingly successful. With no ideal community to generate introductions, receiving the focus of the angel investor is often about as easy as locating a fairy godmother; on Clubhouse, you will discover rooms filled with them, and Angelhouse presents a simple way to snag a meeting. For angels, it might also enable establish new connections that bring on new discounts."In my previous angel investing, it absolutely was generally anyone I knew by somebody, or someone I understood directly,” suggests Cook dinner. Now his network is as large as Clubhouse's person foundation.

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May 14, 2021

Will diamonds keep rising in inf...


The diamond industry took a new hit in the first half of 2020, with rough diamonds lagging, cutting plants closing, and retail diamond sales falling due to changing consumer attitudes. However, since the second half of last year, diamond prices have been on the rise as the economy recovers and buying demand is strong. Mumbai's bdb, one of the world's largest diamond trading centers, has also closed in the past few days due to an outbreak in India, which some expect will lead to a new round of price increases.


The value of diamonds is a cliché, and the investment world has recently been filled with the saying that you will never make money outside of knowledge. For "many like" diamonds, perception is largely limited to the level of wear and collection. This has piqued the curiosity of many jewelry aficionados, and isn't it a pleasure to make a solid profit while dressing up with expensive jewelry!

In the face of today's fickle global diamond market, how do you make money by investing in diamonds? We also recently interviewed Lian Guoyan, who has over 30 years of experience in the high-end diamond trade. The latest publication of our exclusive diamond investment guide will be sent to you immediately!



When it comes to diamond investment, "can you really make money" should be the most important question for most people. In fact, there are really many features and advantages of diamond investing. In addition to buying diamonds according to your personal preferences, such as designer bags, luxury cars, watches, etc., you can also buy diamonds for investment. The price of many consumables in life will basically be much lower than the original price. However, if you choose the right diamond, you can preserve the value and increase the value. Perhaps it can be said that it is the only consumer product in life that can bring wealth to you.

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March 30, 2021

Do you know the advantages of SMT placement machine?

one. Mounting pace

Mounting pace refers to the installation time of every component in just a specific variety, and the rack is preset. Chip equipment are at the moment mounted on high-speed pcs. Speed: 0.06-0.03s: Multi-function equipment are frequently medium-speed devices. The position pace of QFP is 1-2s, as well as the placement pace of chip components is 0.3-0.6s. The present multifunction equipment could also achieve within just 0.2s. If for high-volume SMT placement, the upper the location pace, the upper the delivery level.JUKI KE-3000 Chip Shooter is a high-speed flexible placement machine that meets your expectation. Enjoy accurate and high speed production today. Get a quote.

In accordance towards the IPC9850 common (the acceptance conventional for placement equipment), the position pace is expressed in CPH, that is certainly, the volume of areas put within a 200mm×200mm placement spot for each hour. Significant components (these as chip components and QFPS) are mounted at unique speeds. By way of example, the mounting speed of chip components is larger than or equivalent to 12000 cph, whilst the mounting velocity of QFP is larger than or equal to 1800 cph.

2. Absorption fee of elements

Ingredient suction level refers back to the means to accurately pick and put. Expressed in percent, the larger the better. Such as, the part suction fee is ninety nine.9%, that is certainly, fewer than one ingredient is permitted to be put and positioned for 1000 parts. A lot less throwing fee could be the vital to tests products high-quality for SMT chip processing.

3. Mounting angle

The mounting angle is generally 0° to 360°, and also the resolution is 0.1° to 0.001°.

Fourth, the mounting area

The location spot will depend on the transfer trajectory on the placement equipment as well as motion array of the location head. Normally, the minimum PCB dimensions is fifty mmx50 mm, as well as greatest PCB size need to be higher than 250 mmx30 mm. The most mounting spot of ??machines of various producers differs. The utmost PCB size from the exact same variety of equipment is frequently divided into a few specs: huge, medium and compact.

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March 12, 2021

How to inspect by X-ray ?

The Automated X-ray transmitting tube emits X-rays go through the exam sample. A detector is on a further side on the AXI machine, that to transfer the X-ray to noticeable light-weight and provide the optical impression by the digicam. The sample product absorbs the x-rays to various levels owing to its possess density and atomic weight. Consequently, the imaging about the receiver will be noticeably different, the higher density, the much better absorption of X-ray, therefore the shadow graphic is clearer. The closer to the X-ray tube conduct the bigger picture, as well as farther on the X-ray tube execute the more compact picture.

What flaws can X-ray detect ?

The x-ray machine's high repeatability accuracy serves to boost production. The unique angle for sample inspection also makes it suitable for mass testing.

The X-ray can detect the internal predicament of components’ soldering. It utilize the penetration potential of X-ray to detect the inadequate solder, improperly soldered, solder small together with other problems of solder joints.

When there are problems these as porosity, slag inclusion and incomplete soldering, a vibrant place or simply a brilliant line are going to be fashioned during the defect space. Visually, we are able to judge whether or not an area is defect in accordance as to if it really is brighter in comparison to the bordering track record space within the flaw detection picture. In the standpoint of impression processing, we could judge whether or not a place is really a defect according for the pixel grey worth within the flaw detection picture.

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March 01, 2021

Why An electrical Chopper?

Are electrical choppers and what we'd like for your potential.

We cannot rule out the potential of getting and owning electric chopper motorcycle while in the in the vicinity of foreseeable future on our roads.

The european Union is progressively working on embracing the usage of electrical motorbike around the roads by embracing using technology.

They may be section of our potential in the end due to the labor of individuals like Bruno Forcella.

Burno is surely an electrical engineer who turned inspired to own electric powered bikes within the street but that has a extra undesirable ass look.

Why An electric Chopper?

Bruno Forcella wanted to appear up which has a style that will perform and in shape effectively along with the present switching technological trends with modes of transportation on the market right now. Forcella factors out the leading components in the motorcycle.

The electrical chopper will come by using a warmth sink, battery housing and also a good looking motor that is really efficient and useful in the similar time.

The initial notion and structure came from engaged on a second hand Cleveland Cycle performs Heist. He stripped it down and altered the original structure by de-tabbing it.

Afterwards, he altered the look to hold in place the electric drivetrain. The bike functions so perfectly that it is ready to send out electrical power towards the back again wheel. Furthermore, it has fantastic speed going at about 120km/h.

An electric bike is often a great bargain mainly because it can be used for lengthy distances realizing there’s ample electricity saved in its battery to keep it likely.

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February 11, 2021

How can the pick and position equipment function and its advantages?


There is some variation in how select pcb pick and place machine function in the PCB assembly process. These differences are based on specific production needs and the components themselves. Essentially, a printed circuit board is fed from a screen printer into the P&P machine. The PCB is then clamped down, and a camera ensures correct positioning. Parts are delivered to the P&P machine via tape or in tubes. A pneumatic vacuum system grabs the parts to add, inspects them, makes adjustments, or rotates them correctly. They are then placed precisely on the solder paste of a circuit board. From there, boards move on to the reflow solder oven.


PCBs are part of every electronic device used in our modern age. The accuracy of how they are assembled matters. Are machines required to add elements to a printed circuit board? Absolutely not. For years, components were added by hand, and in some cases, PCBs are still hand-assembled, However, hand assembly does not perform for high-volume needs, and there is a higher factor for error when a human worker is involved. P&P machines offer companies many benefits.

High Speed For Maximum Volume

Placement Accuracy & Precision

Minimal Setup Time

Space Saving



It takes only a few hours to program this equipment for a specific job. Once set up, they move with incredible speed, placing components exactly where they need to be. The minimal setup time and easy reprogramming capabilities are both huge benefits. No human could replicate either the efficiency or the accuracy of choose and place machines - time matters in production to keep costs down and revenue up.

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February 02, 2021

The benefits of Automating Output Traces with Robots

The use of robots in marketplace is practically nothing new. Considering that the early 60s, industrial robots are already used to weld, paint and assemble areas to build the items used in homes and firms. As compared to humans, robots move more rapidly and with larger precision. They are more and more utilized in production to work along with individuals to just take on monotonous, tricky or dangerous components of the manufacturing course of action.

Manufacturing line, or assembly, robots are great for duties requiring each speed and precision. In addition, these are helpful in environments that need immaculate cleanliness these as pharmaceuticals or medical gadget assembly. Robots under no circumstances tire, get sick or undergo debilitating accidents, making them a valuable investment decision for corporations within a array of manufacturing verticals.

Robots have occur a lengthy way given that their introduction to market inside the 60s. Although these are most frequently found in the automotive industry, usage of robots in a very quantity of distinct industries has become way more widespread.

SunzonTech\'s car production line facilitates optimisation of your factory. With great attention to detail, SunzonTech offers the best that suits your need.

The many Various kinds of Robots

The numerous upfront price of setting up robots in manufacturing lines has manufactured enterprises wary to invest in them before, but many thanks to longer-term ROI projections as well as expanding adaptability of robots much more firms wish to them for raising their productiveness and base strains.

There are actually countless different kinds of robots carrying out a mess of jobs. These operational functions are commonly categorized using conditions these kinds of as types of motion (levels of motion), software (welding, materials managing, and many others.), architecture (serial robots and spider robots) and collaboration - a relatively new form of robotic that will work together with individuals with out remaining caged off.

Regardless of the manufacturing niche, it's probably that there's a robotic now available which can support the generation procedure and bring quite a few benefits for enterprise.

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January 14, 2021

Hong Kong Polytechnic College Human-centered design!

College students role-played to present their thoughts for your Future of Southeast Asia in 2025 / PolyU Style

We stand at the junction of art and science, which has a philosophy of offering high-quality design and style schooling and creating significant affect exploration and consultancy work in both of those pure and used mother nature. Whilst we enjoy the highest beliefs of art, we believe in the generation of human-centric items, models and products and services, which can be suitable to industrial, industrial and neighborhood desires now and in the around upcoming. Our solution supplies a sturdy analysis foundation in design and style to help these thoughts.

The School’s incredible 55-year legacy of scholarship and analysis inside the midst in the dynamism of Asia assures us a bright long run. Our highly assorted layout know-how features Item Style, Communication Layout, Advertising and marketing Design and style, Digital Media, Inside Style and design, Environment Style and design, City Design and style, International Design and Business enterprise Management, Style and design Administration, Innovation Leadership, Layout Technique and Interaction Design.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University Taught postgraduate education programmes focus more on coursework.

We nurture practically 1,400 learners annually in the huge vary of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes with a few 50 of them currently being PhD pupils. The varsity offers a superior degree, a well-equipped natural environment that features sizeable research infrastructure with eight laboratories in addition to a variety of first-class technological workshops from the Jockey Club Innovation Tower, a landmark setting up built by Zaha Hadid (1950-2016). We imagine new premises travel new considering. That may be why the school has launched the Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation, the primary of its form in Asia, to actively foster new methods and new fields of structure expertise.

Our Values

The School’s analysis and tutorial programmes are governed by our core values:

Acquiring an Open up Thoughts Frame;

Steering Optimistic Improve;

Creating Visionary Entrepreneurship;

Working towards Genuine Expression; and

Creating Responsibly

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Hong Kong Polytechnic University Human-centered design!

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August 11, 2015

manage shuttle goes

Spend some time to train kicking the baseball. In case you aren't hard, baseball is just not the sport to suit your needs. These are definitely those who strive over the industry to better their capabilities for them to also far better their activity. Accept their input graciously and perform to the best of your capability. more...

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