May 20, 2014

in addition to recall

It is the end of a period of emotional epitaph, your body for tablet, tattoos as inscription, memorial to the former innocence. Now that distant legend has Pierce your skin condenses into memory, forever engraved in your heart most deep placescientific development.
That is the end of a not written by you! Every time I think, you can go! The past heart, how to forget! Memorial to the magic, bitter have to curse. The memory charms hold you in arms, into the cocoon forever will you trapped in time of remembrance. In addition to recall, you there doing nothing. You with youth for hammer, time for a fish, but the sound of wooden fish break years annual ring is you! My heart this Buddha, but make outstanding! The Vatican sound morning twilight, but good not to participate!
Alas... Affectionate only spring court, in particular, writes a fallen petal.
It is an emotional desire to faith, my yearning for green, memory as thorn, to remember you in my heart left traces. Now that desire to be accustomed to condense into Pierce my soul, those memories about you like tattoos, engraved in my mind most deep place.
That is the beginning of an involuntary! Little fetters, and I can't forget, forget the gain and loss, to the end! Memories into ruin, puzzling over into my arms. The buried I miss the regression of lonely, locked into pupa forever buried in your smile. Where in addition to your smile, I said nothing. I miss as cone, the dream for hammer, will the sound stone carving stone in my heart! Xiangyang automobile Wang Youmeng, but not the love! Goddess is not intentional, but the morning bell and evening drum reminders!
My silent prayer in the pupa time, please be kind to you, when you are the most delicate and charming youth broken cocoon into a butterfly, let me take a look at the beautiful elf, flying in the most beautiful, the most happy time, reflected the most beautiful smile Voting System!

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