August 11, 2015

manage shuttle goes

Spend some time to train kicking the baseball. In case you aren't hard, baseball is just not the sport to suit your needs. These are definitely those who strive over the industry to better their capabilities for them to also far better their activity. Accept their input graciously and perform to the best of your capability. more...

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April 16, 2015

but taking poor

The only problem unconsciously assumed by all Chinese philosophers to be of any importance is: How shall we enjoy life, and who can best enjoy life? No perfectionism, no straining after the unattainable, no postulating of he unknowable; but taking poor, modal human nature as it is, how shall we organize our life so that we can woke peacefully, endure nobly and live happily Laser Hair Removal? more...

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January 20, 2015

disappear in my life

When the time memory precipitation, we, whether still remember first unfocused. When memory is time pawn, you and I, but such as grave a wisp of solitary smoke.
Is will be dispersed, I this feeling, because there is no eternal. We're just a traveler to the world, hurry and come, in a hurry. Echo, will eventually disappear in the outline of time. The journey of life, will have the same ending, but the end thereof as a pool, although at that time the next day endless blue, but the way, the north wind, after all, but is also a pool of the broken stem.
Time and maybe it will leave traces, though very pale, very shallow, but enough to make a personal recognition. We, finally also not that year. Is the time's mercy, to stir up the heart of ripples. Or a psychological shock, shake the colorful days. Eyes see, already is not a mountain, not water, not so simple Travel deals.

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December 29, 2014

do Y shaped wooden

In addition to soil pistol, a slingshot, shuttlecock, cockfighting, dance room, roll hoop, tops, rope skipping, Liu Shao, are the best activities of our childhood. Slingshot actually do the best, do Y shaped wooden, find two rubber band, a piece of soft and tough rubber, several piece of thin wire, ingeniously mosaic, a slingshot made. The shuttlecock points, with plastic shuttlecock feather shuttlecock, cloth, silk, wool kicking shuttlecock. In the country to do the feather duster is most convenient, because they do not worry about the country can't find feather. There is a feather, and then two coins, feather and pieces of cloth is fixed on the coins square hole with some silk, and then suture needle stitching, a good-looking shuttlecock is ready. Gyro, in our home is actually a camel, is almost two words after the transposition pronunciation. Best moment gyroscope is pine and poplar wood, because it can cut with a small knife. We will round wooden hoe handle thickness, cut into inch or three inch segment, and then the end is carved into a conical shape with a knife, and then a small cart bearing iron sand embedded in the cone tip; if want to let the top rotates sound, just dig a slot in at the waist gyroscope, and leave a thumb hole, in this way, the gyro will make. Small when, our village has always been rich village, the early seventy's, the village huge basking field covered with thin cement, spinning in the above (playing camel), our superiority suddenly increased a lot. Play the gyro, we know some sense: only those gently whip you can stop rotating, and the rotation of the longest gyro is the best gyro. Love travel people know: as long as the constant change of scenery, is the best scenery. Even so life, long-term movement of life is the health of the most beautiful life. Gyro to show its beauty in constant rotation, realized her value. If a whip lashing it stopped, the beauty of nature will stop. Life is not the case, tend to rotate more wonderful life is often spur best university.
Many rural children have experience, Liu Shao is often the best instruments are our earliest. In February two, the rise of the dragon, long willow in the breeze swaying, rocking to one warm spring, also shook the drunk people. There is a saying: beautiful voice from the public, this is probably for the best interpretation of willow whistle. Pull down a flight out of willow, Liu ya, with great care to stripping a wicker, then with a knife cut in perfect alignment to the next few sections, respectively, to the paragraphs wicker scrape thin skinned a head, a few paragraphs of willow posts will be ready. Our small mouth to willow whistle blowing, toot, butterflies flying bird chased us, we accompany. Childhood has become the most beautiful time.

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November 20, 2014

windows of the soul

The door is a necessity, but the window is a luxury.
A more humble house can not windows, but can not door. In a narrow sense, the door is of significance in division two environment: one is filled with external environment is noisy, turbid order; one is full of warm, harmonious, comfortable environment, this is the door of the house. Some doors are just the opposite, as the prison gates. The window can be said to be our harbour, vision, is our sorrow, joy, leisurely place. Neo Derm Beauty Box Bian Zhilin made "fragments" in a poem to describe very aptly: "the bright moon decorated your window, you have decorated the dream of others." The window full of reverie, is death or lovers meet before meeting place, "the window" this song is more or less sustenance of this kind of feeling. The prevalence of sorrow "Daiyu made by wind and rain in autumn evening" must be sent by the window thinking.

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November 05, 2014

high uncle gave me a hedgehog

At noon today, high uncle gave me a hedgehog. I was very happy.
I opened the box set eyes a look, saw it as a covered with brown thorn meatballs son, motionless, was lying in the box.
I used a stick to nudge it back, it's still not to turn a hair, like the dead. I slightly prodded it, it was as if dead lying there. Hey, is really a coward bvi company setup!

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September 29, 2014

sending clouds breeze term

Round the hazy moon, gray sky, the sky a few bats flying. The dark earth, several neon, I was. Unable to see, this is the night of revelry. Do not know the day and night, then why should you understand me Roger Dubuis hong kong? more...

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September 24, 2014

why is it called sneakers

Sleep, then such as dead, open my eyes to wake up really don't know where it is, to have a look around for a good Chen Zi, only to come back to reality, hands tightly hold Maid...... more...

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September 02, 2014

to visit the elderly home

Got out of the taxi, I hand carrying bag and some fruit, and then around the street side of the green belt, walk on the side of the school road, this is a only to the public road. Road side of the leaves are rustling autumn wind blowing, impatient and restless, like my thoughts at this moment company formation in hong kong. more...

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August 21, 2014

the baby eagle

Once upon a time there was a baby eagle living in a nest perched on a cliff overlooking a beautiful valley with waterfalls and streams, trees and lots of little animals, scurrying about enjoying their lives hong kong company incorporation.


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August 15, 2014

whether taste a snack

Because they are no longer competitive thoughts, so be content to concealment and deception. For example, I arrive at your city in the early hours of the morning dragged the heavy suitcase, but I did not tell. Whether it is long in a daze strange sofa, in the lonely long leaved plants by pacing; whether to open a post in the morning, or on an old book in the dusk; whether taste a snack, or play with a string of beadskung fu hong kong. more...

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August 05, 2014

love Is Just a Thread

Sometimes I really doubt whether there is love between my parents. Every day they are very busy trying to earn money in order to pay the high tuition for my brother and me. They don’t act in the romantic ways that I read in books or I see on TV. In their opinion, "I love you” is too luxurious for them to say. Sending flowers to each other on Valentine’s Day is even more out of the question. Finally my father has a bad temper. When he’s very tired from the hard work, it is easy for him to lose his temper alexander hera. more...

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August 01, 2014

slow your pace

A young and successful executive was traveling down a neighborhood street, going a bit too fast in his new Jaguar. He was watching for kids darting out from between parked cars and slowed down when he thought he saw something. more...

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July 16, 2014

actually not that difficult

Given that Blue Apron hasn’t exactly hit it out of the IPO park, you be forgiven for thinking that the meal kit market has gotten a little overripe. However, it appears that companies in the space aren’t out of fresh ideas just yet with news that Marley Spoon, a startup that originally hails from Berlin but has since made its focus the U.S., is launching what it claims to be the "first affordable meal kit” offering.


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June 23, 2014

miss a simple years

Always easy to miss in the windy season, remember that a simple years.
We always away easily, trance between old Tucheng wall, covered with the creeper trail has long been replaced. Memory and back to the summer cicadas chirping in the shade, rich green next season hospitality management degree.
Flipping through the old photo of yellow, how long is the young face before? Photograph of the grandmother or black hair, very simple dress, my brother and I left and right holding grandma, look at the lens blank. At that time, but also and the village kids Manshan run; together after school into the hillside and ghost stories; together in the spring to the mountains to pick the peach pear; together in the early summer pick wild herbs for money to buy food; together in the rain to the mountains to pick mushrooms; go to the river. In the summer dry season; together in the next valley fold under the Gardenia in the paddy fields which grows new roots and transplanting; together to go to the mountain to find the centipede turned over the stone had to change money, occasionally pulls out two snakes, very calm and a bubble wine to drink; together in the early autumn to harvest rice, Maomao let the body itch for a day; in the snow around people together snowball fights, baked egg, peanut eat in the stove, then the snow is very thick very white...... When the summer will be early every morning grandma was finished back half basket of wild fruit, Dojo on every evening to have children chasing dragonflies scene.
Childhood and old together life let me know how thrifty, know how to get up every day to clean the room, you know when they go to the hot food, then about a small partner school. Every night at a kerosene lamp, roll in the yellow light, a process, until finally will face very slender, fermentation of a night, second days of drying in a special bamboo pole, the sun on a sunny good daylight, Hanging noodles made.
Pictures of the little girl smiled sweetly, one way car rental dove leisurely in the broad square looking for food, leap the bed next to the still filled with gas, grandma temples have climbed up the hair, the years will is cruel. In the human face carved wrinkles, no longer young. Now you are eighty years old, thin like a monkey, Gouzhe waist, let I good love dearly.
A few years later with his parents living in Xiaogan, I became an autistic child, a person play, fell in love with the plant. In the house a sow cabbage, onion, cockscomb, wild chrysanthemum, sunflower, cowpea and so on. Wait until the cowpea need of scaffolding, father to accompany me to go to the suburbs to pick up a lot of wooden back, help cowpea can follow the wood growth, they finally open or red or white flowers, finally can pick to eat. The few years almost every day to stay at home, all the focus is spent in the care of the plants. Until finally the landlord house decoration, a truck sand cover in my small garden, was very sad, a lot of effort to No. This section of the old time always remember, at that time I was very touched by autism my father accompanied me to do what I want to do, regardless of the past or the present, he is always support my people.
The old photo always reminds me of the vicissitudes of the bookseller, summer evening he always drag two handcart close to the book, code neat, in the film into a tree hem a booth, shabby clothes and his books, a few pieces of money can buy several books, many children squat see her on the ground he doesn't say, always after the lights on and then dragging his car home. Today, I have a long time no see second-hand the vicissitudes of life. Days and sell books do not come back, then such as bloody summer sky has also been in the mind think constantly of.
Miss the hometown of laughter, miss the past time, then miss you.
The pace of life never leave, I try in the stream of time, back to the past but live for today! Let those things in mind at one point, let the time now, smart living. Never forget is forever, as long as I can make you comfortable life, I miss the past, I cherish now, I love you forever sigelei touch screen.

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June 13, 2014

impulse is the devil

Graduate teaching, I believe in the teacher's dignity, afraid of their own town not students. Therefore, when the class I always love a face, like an old pedant lecturing students, students also love to me. Have been very active students are not active in the classroom. One day in school, I saw Liu Ke the best student in the class. He saw me on the way to run, I am very angry. I think: "this is the best student in the class, how do I so good to him, and he saw the teacher hides it, don't I usually teaching hurt him?" With doubt, I take the initiative to talk with Liu Ke, to let him to say what you feel, I smiled to him and whispered: "Liu Ke, listen to the students said your handwriting is very good, is it? Can help the teacher to write a few words?" I smiled and looked at the student, he was puzzled, vaguely said: "will you teacher laugh ah?" I was puzzled. "I was never laugh? Don't I smile to frighten my good students.?" I want to. vacuum tube I smiled and Liu Ke exchange, the day we exchange special rapport. Liu Ke said: "the teacher you smile make me relax, since that would be better." A lot of what Liu Ke said. His words cut like a sharp knife incision operation I had severe package, I always think that teachers should strictly, the original relaxed smile more beautiful. The day after, I and in the class and all the children are friendly, every smile and their life together. I found many children together to have much good, the child is innocent and lovely. Whether on campus or walking in the school on the road, all the way to hear their cries: "Hello teacher! Hello teacher!" I understand that a smile can narrow the distance between us. Smiling makes us the life of teachers and students become better.

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June 03, 2014

moisten things silently

A cross century grand, remember one sentence moisten things silently, I feel very good. Used to see the world skelter, (the actual it is hold sink) for emotion more feel helpless. See chastity words, then overjoyed Maggie Beauty黑店!
Always thought, what their parents and even grandparents love will be how? "No evil", "mountain ridge in the river for the exhaust, winter thunder, Xia Yuxue, is a dare and the king must" is a kind of, but it is just the lover see mountain, after all the somebody else out of this rhetoric, it is "want to know about you"; "" "Jun Hua Shan Ji is composed of in both Lennon died, angelica Shui Shi? Huan if see mercy, as you open the coffin "is a kind of gratitude and love, but it is hard to say. And moisturizes things in silence ", but the some truth.
Life, not just the joy, also not only sorrow, who understand life, never lose faith in yourself, also not be lost on the joy of life. A miss is capitalist, an illiterate man, two parallel lines will intersect in the historical environment, half a catty of eight two, who did not need to abandon who, at first glance, there is little "match". But, as long as there is a portal view, there is necessarily the highs and low. Therefore, the people are all high adult stepmother; low, became a stepmother who haven.
Safe harbor can take shelter from the wind, do not look at the high and low range, only to see if there is no "jump in the fire pit" courage. Such is life! In the entertainment of others at the same time, also its own achievement.
A lady with big, whether it is a blessing or a curse?
maggie beauty 黑店 In the story, Jack was lucky; life is happy, the old river! No one wanted to, now few people feel, such a thing is happened!. The achievements of the parents is history, is life sharpen out parents, is to test the parents years. Only such, once met, eventually become pass, finally into me, I have you overcorrect.
Have to say, "parents love" worth seeing! For those who love to play rascal by name, take responsibility as an excuse the numerous living beings know -- what, what is the play, what is to! Through the shy, through life dissatisfaction, later, you'll find out, the wealth, only years can earn, less any step, are not complete. Love's not catch, annoying to throw off, this is the life. It can be serious, confused, just walked resolutely, towards the established distance.
Only at the end of the life, know oneself is the most happy person, feel grievance is happy for him. And this causes their grievances, but at first. Hurry, we initially discontent is the old river big, illiteracy and bad habits, it is really great. Think carefully, the story is no big conflict. The elegance of the city life, and eventually into local culture; people in the country, has become the city people. In one family, who also do not lose!
The masses of the people, are good! For the history, the story does not avoid. And to face the anti rightist, the cultural revolution, in improving the hero's personality charm, but also moisten things silently.
And once, tomorrow will forget? Who let the, parents love, they never say, we will not guess. Who stage, acting on its own, but the curtain call, next to a loved one Maggie Beauty黑店!

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May 26, 2014

the rain Ji Feng Deng

Speaking ashamed, I have never been to wugong mountain. Although I am living in fighting skill at the foot of the mountain for nearly thirty years, but it is strange for me. Investigate its reason, not I don't have time to go to, but from my heart prejudice against the mountain. As one who grew up in the mountains, mountain for me is too common. Mountain can't arouse my passion, just like Chinese football can't arouse my passion. I look forward to is the world outside the mountain, gleaming metropolis, YiBiWanQing sea, the vastness of the prairie is a shrine of my heart. So, although in the martial arts at the foot of the mountain, but I disdain to climb it armani sunglasses sale.
May be wugong mountain development boom infected with me, also may be the enthusiasm of the colleague friend phase invited touched me, today, I finally set foot on the journey to wugong mountain. Day, somber, thick moisture in the air, the wind and rain last night imprint is engraved on the earth. This kind of weather, for travelers, certainly not a good weather. The bus, in a cloud of wugong mountain winding road, is a steep cliff, while is the abyss, my heart is so anxious. Though some graceful, but more is worried by fear, afraid of the driver one not careful, I can through the ages.

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May 20, 2014

in addition to recall

It is the end of a period of emotional epitaph, your body for tablet, tattoos as inscription, memorial to the former innocence. Now that distant legend has Pierce your skin condenses into memory, forever engraved in your heart most deep placescientific development.
That is the end of a not written by you! Every time I think, you can go! The past heart, how to forget! Memorial to the magic, bitter have to curse. The memory charms hold you in arms, into the cocoon forever will you trapped in time of remembrance. In addition to recall, you there doing nothing. You with youth for hammer, time for a fish, but the sound of wooden fish break years annual ring is you! My heart this Buddha, but make outstanding! The Vatican sound morning twilight, but good not to participate!
Alas... Affectionate only spring court, in particular, writes a fallen petal.
It is an emotional desire to faith, my yearning for green, memory as thorn, to remember you in my heart left traces. Now that desire to be accustomed to condense into Pierce my soul, those memories about you like tattoos, engraved in my mind most deep place.
That is the beginning of an involuntary! Little fetters, and I can't forget, forget the gain and loss, to the end! Memories into ruin, puzzling over into my arms. The buried I miss the regression of lonely, locked into pupa forever buried in your smile. Where in addition to your smile, I said nothing. I miss as cone, the dream for hammer, will the sound stone carving stone in my heart! Xiangyang automobile Wang Youmeng, but not the love! Goddess is not intentional, but the morning bell and evening drum reminders!
My silent prayer in the pupa time, please be kind to you, when you are the most delicate and charming youth broken cocoon into a butterfly, let me take a look at the beautiful elf, flying in the most beautiful, the most happy time, reflected the most beautiful smile Voting System!

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May 09, 2014

right or wrong

When frustration with life gave me a heavy blow, I always choose to fight a slap in the face of life. more...

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