December 29, 2014

do Y shaped wooden

In addition to soil pistol, a slingshot, shuttlecock, cockfighting, dance room, roll hoop, tops, rope skipping, Liu Shao, are the best activities of our childhood. Slingshot actually do the best, do Y shaped wooden, find two rubber band, a piece of soft and tough rubber, several piece of thin wire, ingeniously mosaic, a slingshot made. The shuttlecock points, with plastic shuttlecock feather shuttlecock, cloth, silk, wool kicking shuttlecock. In the country to do the feather duster is most convenient, because they do not worry about the country can't find feather. There is a feather, and then two coins, feather and pieces of cloth is fixed on the coins square hole with some silk, and then suture needle stitching, a good-looking shuttlecock is ready. Gyro, in our home is actually a camel, is almost two words after the transposition pronunciation. Best moment gyroscope is pine and poplar wood, because it can cut with a small knife. We will round wooden hoe handle thickness, cut into inch or three inch segment, and then the end is carved into a conical shape with a knife, and then a small cart bearing iron sand embedded in the cone tip; if want to let the top rotates sound, just dig a slot in at the waist gyroscope, and leave a thumb hole, in this way, the gyro will make. Small when, our village has always been rich village, the early seventy's, the village huge basking field covered with thin cement, spinning in the above (playing camel), our superiority suddenly increased a lot. Play the gyro, we know some sense: only those gently whip you can stop rotating, and the rotation of the longest gyro is the best gyro. Love travel people know: as long as the constant change of scenery, is the best scenery. Even so life, long-term movement of life is the health of the most beautiful life. Gyro to show its beauty in constant rotation, realized her value. If a whip lashing it stopped, the beauty of nature will stop. Life is not the case, tend to rotate more wonderful life is often spur best university.
Many rural children have experience, Liu Shao is often the best instruments are our earliest. In February two, the rise of the dragon, long willow in the breeze swaying, rocking to one warm spring, also shook the drunk people. There is a saying: beautiful voice from the public, this is probably for the best interpretation of willow whistle. Pull down a flight out of willow, Liu ya, with great care to stripping a wicker, then with a knife cut in perfect alignment to the next few sections, respectively, to the paragraphs wicker scrape thin skinned a head, a few paragraphs of willow posts will be ready. Our small mouth to willow whistle blowing, toot, butterflies flying bird chased us, we accompany. Childhood has become the most beautiful time.

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