June 03, 2014

moisten things silently

A cross century grand, remember one sentence moisten things silently, I feel very good. Used to see the world skelter, (the actual it is hold sink) for emotion more feel helpless. See chastity words, then overjoyed Maggie Beauty黑店!
Always thought, what their parents and even grandparents love will be how? "No evil", "mountain ridge in the river for the exhaust, winter thunder, Xia Yuxue, is a dare and the king must" is a kind of, but it is just the lover see mountain, after all the somebody else out of this rhetoric, it is "want to know about you"; "" "Jun Hua Shan Ji is composed of in both Lennon died, angelica Shui Shi? Huan if see mercy, as you open the coffin "is a kind of gratitude and love, but it is hard to say. And moisturizes things in silence ", but the some truth.
Life, not just the joy, also not only sorrow, who understand life, never lose faith in yourself, also not be lost on the joy of life. A miss is capitalist, an illiterate man, two parallel lines will intersect in the historical environment, half a catty of eight two, who did not need to abandon who, at first glance, there is little "match". But, as long as there is a portal view, there is necessarily the highs and low. Therefore, the people are all high adult stepmother; low, became a stepmother who haven.
Safe harbor can take shelter from the wind, do not look at the high and low range, only to see if there is no "jump in the fire pit" courage. Such is life! In the entertainment of others at the same time, also its own achievement.
A lady with big, whether it is a blessing or a curse?
maggie beauty 黑店 In the story, Jack was lucky; life is happy, the old river! No one wanted to, now few people feel, such a thing is happened!. The achievements of the parents is history, is life sharpen out parents, is to test the parents years. Only such, once met, eventually become pass, finally into me, I have you overcorrect.
Have to say, "parents love" worth seeing! For those who love to play rascal by name, take responsibility as an excuse the numerous living beings know -- what, what is the play, what is to! Through the shy, through life dissatisfaction, later, you'll find out, the wealth, only years can earn, less any step, are not complete. Love's not catch, annoying to throw off, this is the life. It can be serious, confused, just walked resolutely, towards the established distance.
Only at the end of the life, know oneself is the most happy person, feel grievance is happy for him. And this causes their grievances, but at first. Hurry, we initially discontent is the old river big, illiteracy and bad habits, it is really great. Think carefully, the story is no big conflict. The elegance of the city life, and eventually into local culture; people in the country, has become the city people. In one family, who also do not lose!
The masses of the people, are good! For the history, the story does not avoid. And to face the anti rightist, the cultural revolution, in improving the hero's personality charm, but also moisten things silently.
And once, tomorrow will forget? Who let the, parents love, they never say, we will not guess. Who stage, acting on its own, but the curtain call, next to a loved one Maggie Beauty黑店!

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