March 10, 2014

only some people

A person's life are free, free to some indulgence. A person's sky some blue, blue some grey. A person's life and some simple, simply a little lazy Robert Parker.
Military years year, why alone,? Is not to find, continue to keep the answer. The bed is too high to space, bitter meditation can place shoe rack, simple can't simple, two boards a vertical and a horizontal, and put on the only shoes. Work every day, work shoes rags. The first day, the upper found thumb in front of the wear, no attention. The second day, wear place like lotus like attached, nor heed. The third day, the thumb out. From time to time to shrink, laps will dispel cold.
veuve clicquot Sweat much display a person's hard work, of course, military life must be very hard. Forehead covered with beads, cuffs wet and wet, train and arm in arm trousers, shoes became a mixture of sweat and soil. Look forward to the night, a few stuttering a meal, ready for a day the most happy thing, untie the shoelace, take off your shoes, go to bed.
Do not know the shoe rack exudes a strong pungent smell. Thinking about her own will always be on one's own
The problem, perhaps accustomed to a person's life! For love of self is not the pursuit, only some people take a fancy to him. A light note sometimes changing a sound, his story was spread, a stylish girl has Heartbeat, then write in the letter to. The three page white paper shows a pleasant words, containing a rose petal hong kong property prices.

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