May 26, 2014

the rain Ji Feng Deng

Speaking ashamed, I have never been to wugong mountain. Although I am living in fighting skill at the foot of the mountain for nearly thirty years, but it is strange for me. Investigate its reason, not I don't have time to go to, but from my heart prejudice against the mountain. As one who grew up in the mountains, mountain for me is too common. Mountain can't arouse my passion, just like Chinese football can't arouse my passion. I look forward to is the world outside the mountain, gleaming metropolis, YiBiWanQing sea, the vastness of the prairie is a shrine of my heart. So, although in the martial arts at the foot of the mountain, but I disdain to climb it armani sunglasses sale.
May be wugong mountain development boom infected with me, also may be the enthusiasm of the colleague friend phase invited touched me, today, I finally set foot on the journey to wugong mountain. Day, somber, thick moisture in the air, the wind and rain last night imprint is engraved on the earth. This kind of weather, for travelers, certainly not a good weather. The bus, in a cloud of wugong mountain winding road, is a steep cliff, while is the abyss, my heart is so anxious. Though some graceful, but more is worried by fear, afraid of the driver one not careful, I can through the ages.
About half an hour later, we arrived at the destination, a white peak. White peak, also called rock, is a relatively famous in wugong mountain scenic area scenic area. Along a stone path, we ascend the stairs, through a tea garden, reach the wider economic palace ruins and tea garden. A few stone, a few section of the wall, telling the vicissitudes of history. Behind the front are monks, is the Taoist, I think that year, they should be not lonely.
We in the "XuanTing" after a nap, and continue to ascend. When the rain falling and wrapped with fragrance of cold, I'm a little regret didn't bring more clothes, now, it seems, had to strong. The bullet and move on. The winding trail, one side is green tree cui tendril, panlong QiuZhi; Part is "zheng"), if the shadow if now in the shaded by vegetation, only heard gurgling water, sweet. The rain, the greater the qing shiban moss was soaked with water, foot up, loose soft, some of the slide. Next to the small streams, HuaHuaLaLa, fly broken jade, like the music of guzheng playing. I come in at this moment, could not help but recite the u-drive "guzheng said past, wind and rain" verse.
neo skin lab derma21Walking in the rain for more than half an hour, we came to the "auspicious pavilion". "Auspicious pavilion" by wen tianxiang father Avery dennison to wugong mountain named pray for children in this trip. Stop in the pavilion, come back, the path of the submerged by cloud and mist, only the white one. I took my camera, busy taken by the beautiful scenery. In the "auspicious pavilion" rest for a while, the rain stopped slowly. The distance of the bamboo tree like washing, increasingly appear pure and fresh. Cloud fade, hovering on a mountainside in only a few flowers. At this point, the green trees, castle peak, white cloud mountain fog all is cool and enchanting. We have to "meet XiaTing" climb. Then more and steep road, roadside bamboo trees, swaying, we tired panting, sweat, very not easy to come to the "meet XiaTing". This "towards XiaTing" maybe is the place where to meet the first rays of sunlight, afterwards just know is rest place when xu xiake travel fighting skill. I think this is a white peak, but the class of the bamboo shoots here tell us that white peak on the other side. See across the sea of clouds, clouds, waves to our feet, as if we had met at qiantang lake, watching qiantang tide of artistic conception. At this time, the sky overcast, with moisture in the air, we worry about days of heavy rain again. Though not quite pity on a white peak, but also have to forget about it.
Down the road, we walk quickly. Colleagues also raised a shout of "hey, hey, hey, hey, I was humming a song, all the way singing, quickly down the mountain.
At the entrance of loop peak scenic area, we also visited the palace of the tai chi ying, ginkgo tree in one thousand, five fairy bridge temple etc. About three o 'clock in the afternoon, we set foot on the way home, although some tired, but more excitement and satisfaction.
This trip to carried on the peak, I appreciate the cloud, touch the pulse of the history, feel the temperature of humanities, also changed my prejudice to the mountain. The ancients cloud: "the wise love mountains, love the water", I then have they GEM blog.

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