January 20, 2015

disappear in my life

When the time memory precipitation, we, whether still remember first unfocused. When memory is time pawn, you and I, but such as grave a wisp of solitary smoke.
Is will be dispersed, I this feeling, because there is no eternal. We're just a traveler to the world, hurry and come, in a hurry. Echo, will eventually disappear in the outline of time. The journey of life, will have the same ending, but the end thereof as a pool, although at that time the next day endless blue, but the way, the north wind, after all, but is also a pool of the broken stem.
Time and maybe it will leave traces, though very pale, very shallow, but enough to make a personal recognition. We, finally also not that year. Is the time's mercy, to stir up the heart of ripples. Or a psychological shock, shake the colorful days. Eyes see, already is not a mountain, not water, not so simple Travel deals.
Time, just as she a hairpin, is apart from now on. Childhood friends, learning deskmate, meet many years later, but also an several language, finally also as in the crowd. Familiar people familiar stranger, stranger, years ripped the heart cut international student exchange programs , and thenceforth to jump. Cut off people is not geographically, but time gap. Collapse of the gulf, lost, will form the life of the scar.
Often sigh with emotion, the number of people, how many things, disappear in my life, without the feeling. Just like that of a moth, and only the second of the brilliant, and thenceforth to dust, due to loneliness. Perhaps, they never came into my life. Traveler, I comforted myself. But I might it not a traveler.
Time, the memory precipitation, you and me, but is a glimpse of the world of mortals.
When the temperature of the flesh and blood did not have teco dc motor, we, wouldn't dream of.

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