April 17, 2014

essay writing

Much recently, there are few desk, pen steep stupid brain, thinking. Heart is like a patient, such as high paraplegia, heart and body cannot go forward Vio-la.

A song on the computer "pingsha fall wild goose" cleansed my heart, if you can be a wild goose son and goofy, but not friends. Through the half away in tangle with hesitation.
Suddenly think that wild goose son fall to the sichuan, it doesn't matter what. Once off the ground, spread your wings and drive roller, and the wind in the lines, then immediately showed strong, continued to run, the only meaning of life. Wouldn't it be strong!
Wine Searcher Laid on the inverse, not afraid of cold cloud frostbite, not afraid of heavy fog wet; To cross the diffuse clouds, also want to across the hardships. Upon completion of the expedition, achievement life with aggressive and penetration of symbols is one of the most concise and dignified...
Bolstering departure always want to find a reason to give oneself, can find packing up excuses. ACTS to see flower wild geese fall outside the window, the world leisurely, the years have above, supported by frost dyeing, wild goose out to fly.
Maybe watch too much, too much experience, often already lost myself. Listen to living museum, with the Buddha, the heart still cannot be static, perhaps as early as the goofy on vitreous of wild goose by 9.
The road has overgrown and go to the vast, why don't you pleasure of life?
I cooked a pot of unstrained wine or liquor, alone and with a drink, you don't suspicion I foul-mouthed, I don't think you shirtless! Ha ha Multi-touch Panel!

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