November 05, 2014

high uncle gave me a hedgehog

At noon today, high uncle gave me a hedgehog. I was very happy.
I opened the box set eyes a look, saw it as a covered with brown thorn meatballs son, motionless, was lying in the box.
I used a stick to nudge it back, it's still not to turn a hair, like the dead. I slightly prodded it, it was as if dead lying there. Hey, is really a coward bvi company setup!
Later, I just know it is to sleep during the day, evening activities.
I really want to see it sits, I waited and waited, hope hope ah, finally dark days. I quietly walked into it, he heard a rustling swishing sound. I secretly opened the box, I saw it lying in the box on the front paws, claws Dengzhe to looking after the. At this time, I saw the look of it.
Oh, it looks kinda cute. Two little black shiny eyes, sharp nose, slightly tilted upward, above there is a long beard. Ears small and round. Looks like a whole body covered with thorns fat mouse Interactive Learning.
It lay there is certainly want to go home to find his mother. Alas, this poor little guy.
I took some food ready to feed it, it scared and curled, lying there quietly. After a while, I went to see it, it is like a ball like hiding in the corner, as if afraid of someone hurt it. Really hurts. However, to my surprise, the food was gone. It was the little hedgehog to eat.
Finally, my mother told me, the hedgehog ran very fast, can swim. It is a powerful and timid animals.
My mother and I discuss the good, tomorrow let uncle Gao sent the little hedgehog home to mom. Although I was reluctant, but I still want it and her mother together, because there is the mother of the child is the treasureuniversity education financial assistance.

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