June 13, 2014

impulse is the devil

Graduate teaching, I believe in the teacher's dignity, afraid of their own town not students. Therefore, when the class I always love a face, like an old pedant lecturing students, students also love to me. Have been very active students are not active in the classroom. One day in school, I saw Liu Ke the best student in the class. He saw me on the way to run, I am very angry. I think: "this is the best student in the class, how do I so good to him, and he saw the teacher hides it, don't I usually teaching hurt him?" With doubt, I take the initiative to talk with Liu Ke, to let him to say what you feel, I smiled to him and whispered: "Liu Ke, listen to the students said your handwriting is very good, is it? Can help the teacher to write a few words?" I smiled and looked at the student, he was puzzled, vaguely said: "will you teacher laugh ah?" I was puzzled. "I was never laugh? Don't I smile to frighten my good students.?" I want to. vacuum tube I smiled and Liu Ke exchange, the day we exchange special rapport. Liu Ke said: "the teacher you smile make me relax, since that would be better." A lot of what Liu Ke said. His words cut like a sharp knife incision operation I had severe package, I always think that teachers should strictly, the original relaxed smile more beautiful. The day after, I and in the class and all the children are friendly, every smile and their life together. I found many children together to have much good, the child is innocent and lovely. Whether on campus or walking in the school on the road, all the way to hear their cries: "Hello teacher! Hello teacher!" I understand that a smile can narrow the distance between us. Smiling makes us the life of teachers and students become better.
Teaching in the future, I always smile to teaching. I have found smile can let student and I bury the hatchet, reduce the unnecessary friction. One day, I checked the students to recite the text, check to play Liu Mengyuan, I said with a smile: "ask the students to recite!" He pay no heed to stood up and said: "teacher, I did not back off, I said with a smile: you go back later, I'll check for you." After a while, I let him recite, he was angry and said: "I back yet, but I back." Then he put the book on the desk down, eyes narrowed my eyes. Then take an indifferent look, come up with A dead mouse feels no cold. The students are watching me, the coming stormin. At this moment, I really have a little angry. But a voice in my heart at the tips I: "impulse is the devil, the impulse is the devil!" I pause still smiled and stared at him, and the other students said: "that we let him for a few minutes, I believe that Liu Mengyuan will be back." Face arrogant Liu Mengyuan, now also have to lower the head, and carefully recite it. I think that he can back out of date, check that he is friendly and. He recited very well, he is very happy. I know that smile made me overcome him, I smile make him confident. If I had not smiled and talk to him, but the accused him of all, it will only let him broken falls, the intensification of contradictions. The teacher did a signal to other students, learning shualaipi is not possible. Only your own efforts will be the task of learning Sculptra.
Last year, my teaching classes and students, the students all call him "the skin of god". That man is a fighter, self-made Lite difference. Class, originally quiet classroom, he cried. No matter what class do. One day, in my class, he like a frightened horse, suddenly jumped up from the seat, and speak to him in and said: "I hit you! I killed you!" He exaggerated facial expressions, crooked mouth, your mouth slobber, eyes will fall to the ground. His hand hold him parity, a hand held high. Looking at this scene, I'm nervous. I said to myself "smile. Don't be impatient. Stabilization for a moment, I smiled and said to students: "now the clouds, see to the heavy rain. We now have to enter the ready state. Please get ready." The skin God immediately alert, to have a look the sky, raised the hand slowly falling. All eyes were focused on him, he himself for his gaffes and uncomfortable. Finally bowed his head to have a look and feel shy, you. A storm in the past. I'll call them, smiled and whispered to communicate with them for a while, the skin God finally confessed, in the class has done a review. Later, I reflect on: for such poor self-control children, smile is their nemesis. At this moment, if the teacher impulse would make the situation is out of control, some people think. A smile can make people calm, smiling can overcome the devil.
In daily teaching, I made a conclusion: no matter what happened, the teacher must be calm. To the smiling face of all, alexander hera bury the hatchet. As beautiful as flowers smile.

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