March 25, 2014

laoye mountain house of corn

estate agent hong kong Laoye mountain autumn harvest, since the millennium play walnuts, to continue until early winter. As the autumn wind bouts of skimming, autumn taste will be more and more strong. Folks away all their weeds at the top of the kiln, on cattle pulling blind-folded, rolling over and over again the barnyard. When printing collaterals the barnyard of cattle hooves, blind-folded trace after good, autumn harvest crops harvest begins. The yellow ripeness of millet, haulm, bundles of a firm by dries in the valley of the court. Smiles on the faces of villagers constantly, have a meal, also will take the bowl, the day to look at on the top of the kiln. Chickens ate the basin of the feed, also went to the barn to find worms. The magpies, sparrows, and sometimes land on ShaiGuChang, sometimes fly into the yard pecking. Dog heard something about, barking incessantly, unto the wall of red pepper, windowsill heap each pumpkin stolen.

Not a few days, millet into cylinder, beans bag. Valley side on the top of the kiln, leaving only the straw, chaff, and litters full grain neat's foot print. Barnyard got temporary peace. But after a few days, people started to accept the corn. Corn, is one of the most spectacular scene in the autumn harvest link. Laoye mountain autumn harvest crops, mainly maize. Late autumn season, ma stood, was the autumn wind, qiuyang, autumn rain, dry penetrates the corn. Withered leaves dance with the wind, cumbersome corn on the cob hang on the rod. Wandering in the villagers in the mountain, atrium in all for the joy of harvest. No one is contemplating to corn on the cob build a nest, let work have a home to return to their own work. Laoye mountain people, because more people less, high grain production, and does not need to store the rations of next year, most of autumn grain was sold, so I put the granary of the corn cob, built in the yard, lobbying, kiln top, juggle close to home.
Corn granary simple and practical. The people who lives in the mountains, whose courtyard outside didn't put a lot of firewood. Fine like fingers, people plug into the furnace; Thicker than the arm, will come in handy. In autumn, the wood into building the house of corn, main raw material of wood fence. How many people on the basis of corn crop, built the corresponding size of the wooden fence. Build good flat field, with 8 or 10 stick, set a about 2 meters wide, 4 m, 6 m long, 2.5 meters high rectangle fence framework. Halfway up in shaft rod and a half feet on the ground, bound and fixed on the two laps, stick on the bottom ring tightly stick to put a layer of wooden cross.
Bordeaux wine I approached a door is to build the house of corn. One and a half high boy, is on the flat wagon, dragging a than his arm under thick sticks, staggered on is the foundation of the wooden fence. A little attention, he would be tripping over the wood in the ground. I was most impressed by the child's lovely, want to give him a hand in the past, children are obstinately twisting the body. I asked him a few years old, and his making baby ah along while, also didn't say it. "Four years old," his mother, a young woman in a white coat, side with wire bundling the vertical rod side of the wooden fence. Apparently, they were doing the preparing work before harvest autumn crops. And her family across the tractor, a seven or eight years old girl, wipe the sweat on the face, side awkwardly end up a shovel corn on the cob. In the wooden fence few ears of corn, but two ears to the car and fell into the car corners. She does not lose heart, worked with a shovel by a shovel. The girl's father shouted her down, one edge rail side of the wooden fence, JiZhengZheng vertical layer of an ear of corn, middle spread a layer of corn cob...
The construction of the house of corn, always accompanied by harvesting corn. Wooden fence a prototype, the villagers began to shangdi harvesting corn. "Getting" in the ground into the carriage, more than 10 people, loading it'll be a corn on the cob, within a few days can put corn all go home. Seed in the hill country of the somebody else, then slowly many, they as a cow in the juggle manyou nibble grass to eat. In front of people, a bill to put corn pole in the unit, the people behind sitting in pole with corn. Line after line of yellow corn pole, piles of golden corn, constitutes the autumn harvest of a most original picture. Watched the qiuyang, such a beautiful harvest patterns, I often think of the story, some strange pattern of wheat. But not in front of the wonders of the universe, but the folks who toil natural picture, this picture is unmatched by any pattern.
Bullock carts "squeaks" reciprocation between the terraces. The corn in the past the fence, waiting to high up. The wooden fence with corn, also no longer is the empty black shelves, beautiful beautiful into other delectable golden granary, past stands in the middle of the village on the top of the cave, the courtyard, in front of the house, became and people live on some houses "gold". And enriching the people a year painstaking care, contains the essence of nature of crystallization of corn, lived in the inside and outside is disclosing the golden house of gold quality.
Walking in the mountain village of mountain ridge beam, look at these and building height, you are more beautiful than the house of the house of corn, I often stopped to imagine, if do not have the "house of corn, laoye mountain each village will be more and more thin, the hearts of the villagers will be more and more empty. The whole winter, laoye mountain wouldn't bird ribbon storage.

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