June 23, 2014

miss a simple years

Always easy to miss in the windy season, remember that a simple years.
We always away easily, trance between old Tucheng wall, covered with the creeper trail has long been replaced. Memory and back to the summer cicadas chirping in the shade, rich green next season hospitality management degree.
Flipping through the old photo of yellow, how long is the young face before? Photograph of the grandmother or black hair, very simple dress, my brother and I left and right holding grandma, look at the lens blank. At that time, but also and the village kids Manshan run; together after school into the hillside and ghost stories; together in the spring to the mountains to pick the peach pear; together in the early summer pick wild herbs for money to buy food; together in the rain to the mountains to pick mushrooms; go to the river. In the summer dry season; together in the next valley fold under the Gardenia in the paddy fields which grows new roots and transplanting; together to go to the mountain to find the centipede turned over the stone had to change money, occasionally pulls out two snakes, very calm and a bubble wine to drink; together in the early autumn to harvest rice, Maomao let the body itch for a day; in the snow around people together snowball fights, baked egg, peanut eat in the stove, then the snow is very thick very white...... When the summer will be early every morning grandma was finished back half basket of wild fruit, Dojo on every evening to have children chasing dragonflies scene.
Childhood and old together life let me know how thrifty, know how to get up every day to clean the room, you know when they go to the hot food, then about a small partner school. Every night at a kerosene lamp, roll in the yellow light, a process, until finally will face very slender, fermentation of a night, second days of drying in a special bamboo pole, the sun on a sunny good daylight, Hanging noodles made.
Pictures of the little girl smiled sweetly, one way car rental dove leisurely in the broad square looking for food, leap the bed next to the still filled with gas, grandma temples have climbed up the hair, the years will is cruel. In the human face carved wrinkles, no longer young. Now you are eighty years old, thin like a monkey, Gouzhe waist, let I good love dearly.
A few years later with his parents living in Xiaogan, I became an autistic child, a person play, fell in love with the plant. In the house a sow cabbage, onion, cockscomb, wild chrysanthemum, sunflower, cowpea and so on. Wait until the cowpea need of scaffolding, father to accompany me to go to the suburbs to pick up a lot of wooden back, help cowpea can follow the wood growth, they finally open or red or white flowers, finally can pick to eat. The few years almost every day to stay at home, all the focus is spent in the care of the plants. Until finally the landlord house decoration, a truck sand cover in my small garden, was very sad, a lot of effort to No. This section of the old time always remember, at that time I was very touched by autism my father accompanied me to do what I want to do, regardless of the past or the present, he is always support my people.
The old photo always reminds me of the vicissitudes of the bookseller, summer evening he always drag two handcart close to the book, code neat, in the film into a tree hem a booth, shabby clothes and his books, a few pieces of money can buy several books, many children squat see her on the ground he doesn't say, always after the lights on and then dragging his car home. Today, I have a long time no see second-hand the vicissitudes of life. Days and sell books do not come back, then such as bloody summer sky has also been in the mind think constantly of.
Miss the hometown of laughter, miss the past time, then miss you.
The pace of life never leave, I try in the stream of time, back to the past but live for today! Let those things in mind at one point, let the time now, smart living. Never forget is forever, as long as I can make you comfortable life, I miss the past, I cherish now, I love you forever sigelei touch screen.

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