September 29, 2014

sending clouds breeze term

Round the hazy moon, gray sky, the sky a few bats flying. The dark earth, several neon, I was. Unable to see, this is the night of revelry. Do not know the day and night, then why should you understand me Roger Dubuis hong kong?

After the friend one minute and sixty seconds, sent the last salute, ann. The world will suffer. Look at the time, is zero, the night is how deep, I started a person's carnival! Good hope alone, as can a person in a deserted house, spend the whole day and night, this is how happy thing! Such a day less and less, the kind of relaxed, the kind of open, is the real Zen, empty! One minute and sixty seconds later, and finally disappeared in the screen, his QQ signature but be visible before the eyes: "you are willing to be eager to embrace the hedgehog! Or every wound will hide the snail!!"
elyze好唔好 In this world, how much we like an eager to embrace the hedgehog, can hold in the moment, the pain was almost deprived of breath. They immediately become a, every wound will hide the snail. Night, very quiet, quiet only hear the sound of beating the keyboard. The cricket on the balcony, carefully call, that voice, is how many people dream of nostalgia. Each family relatives, I think a person lying in the home, can be such a chance, too few. A person, more comfortable. Hungry, eat. Sleepy, go to sleep. Nobody tube, as if the world, only I a person. The state of mind at this time, the Buddha is the realm of heaven, assume air of self-importance!
No bother, no one nagging, mind is "with wide sea diving, sky is the limit", thought it "would be extremely Ling, the list of small hills". I like quiet, so preference alone, because the heart is empty, is bliss ah! Daily, common heart was filled to the brim, really tired! Love to be loved also tired tired. The heart has worried about, although the sweet, but lost the open charm, far less physically and mentally, more fun, more thoroughly. Otherwise, the Nanshan hermits, monks and nuns empty temple, which come to be leisurely and carefree.
Night to read Wang Weishi, it is again appropriate but time. Moonlight in its groves of pine, stones of crystal in its Brooks. After rain the empty mountain stands autumnal in the evening, Empty, empty, hollow. Everything suddenly through meditation, deserted world, a moon, a piece of rubble, a river springs, a pine forest, everything was new rain washed, no one in the world, this is how quiet! Best not to what is, let themselves in this universe open, forget me, forget the world, US, forget all. "Wood at the end of the lotus flower, mountain red calyx. Jian Hu deserted, have open and fall." Hibiscus free open drop, then what kind of state? Leaning alone in the close bamboos, I am playing my lute and humming a song. Too softly for anyone to hear. Except my comrade, the bright moon. How is a kind of happiness? I cry, my song, I am crazy, I smile, a whistle, you can eliminate block in chest, eternal qingchou nu skin hk!
One, four octree, lying in bed, it is really cool! There is a "Nowata unmanned boat from the cross" the charm, as if a man, lie in between heaven and earth, I am the universe! The universe is my! Apart from me, no other. The heart, is the "Qianshan bird flew Bureau, nobody trail". Then a meditation, physically and mentally, then direct the sixth patriarch Hui Neng "had no one, where can the dust alight" of zen. At this time, vanity crushing, fade away -- color also do not see, empty disappeared... A non, do not see the word, not the empty color. All around, the clear, the dropping sound of a needle, can hear clearly, heart, is so quiet, is a mountain landslide, -- lose one's temper, is also not panic fear, is nothing. People will be free from things of the world, not in the world.
The hearts of all, a freely flowing style of writing, not, not, not, not by, never place, to the place to go to, like a ", that is destined to live without edge, sending clouds breeze term".

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