April 07, 2014

such a beautiful season

Time passed so fast, blink of an eye, but also to the summer. The sunlight, the trees, the rain, and a way of last year. However, I think it just looks just right, they won't be the same. As, this summer, my silence and smile, look as in the past, but it is already a new content.
hk real estate agent Life is old there, running back and forth on the rail. The difference is a state of mind and the passage of time can not touch.
But the passage of time, also can't take those stubborn habits I keep for a long time.
Still like to sit by the window, staring at a corner of the sky, and decorated with white flowers in the tree. How many years, a sentimental heart, as in the fine day, in every year after year of verdant green, and they look. Do not pray for each other to know, as long as this can tell the mind, let me quietly said his joys and sorrows to them. Otherwise, there are some words, really only if some can not germination of seeds, buried deep in the heart of the wilderness, waiting for the decay touch board.
Like a person sitting quietly in front of the window, watching the old tree in the sun, in the rain. This season, it's stretching his, every leaf, have a wonderful desire, I know. The life should be passionate.
Occasionally a few birds flying in the trees, then fly. When my heart, it will give birth to a little sense of loss. They come and go, reminds me of those years, away, away. They had and I have such a story, a total of resurrection, but now everything has become the past, memory drops all turned into life in the rain, can not see the hustle and bustle, but has been slowly moistened the party heart.
People say: life is a journey, but I always naive to forget this point. Always do not want to be too lonely. I am a greedy person, not only such, hope every journey, have a pleasant scenery.
Beautiful as each and every season lafite 1982.

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