September 02, 2014

to visit the elderly home

Got out of the taxi, I hand carrying bag and some fruit, and then around the street side of the green belt, walk on the side of the school road, this is a only to the public road. Road side of the leaves are rustling autumn wind blowing, impatient and restless, like my thoughts at this moment company formation in hong kong.

Morning, on the way to work, the mother received telephone, said a few days ago grandpa fell head is broken, a lot of blood flow, at the same time, met the thermos, originally to restore good feet, burn off the layers of skin. Mother's voice sounds like no how anxious. I was here, the mind is filled with tons of lead.
Hung up the phone, went to leave the company, but also can adjust the vacation. They rushed to the bus station, home is not far away from the back and forth, but also two hours. Since married, they rarely go home, who go out to work, even a child's husband's mother in his belt. The busy work, the journey of Laughton, that year the number of home ten fingers can count clear. For my parents and son, I'm not a good mother and daughterOutsourcing payroll.
The public is next to the school, from local to the public to get off, only two hundred meters away, at this time I feel so far away, leaving a minute will be felt for a long time. To the corner, a man, is Grandpa neighborhood, for me is an elder, but already can't call names, she has seen me, it really makes people feel, but my face is piled up with smile, approached, she would speak first. Ask me how I come back today, I can see the old grandpa. She is a face of surprise, said today the filial sons and daughters are few enough, let alone grandchildren. This reminds me of myself, yeah, maybe I is called today.
She saw that I didn't talk, they should be, I can come to have a look about only Grandpa, sighed, and urged me to go. I smile back, continue to go forward. To the public at the door, saw the familiar wintersweet flower. It is the childhood memories, my childhood was spent in the public, that is at the bottom of my heart the most warm place.
In the hospital, he saw sitting in a chair and eating lunch, this time it is lunch time, Grandpa back to carry more serious than the last seen, body thin many, almost can be used to describe the skinny. The chair beside a grey street, ah, this is the only support grandpa thin body tool.
I come from the heel tapping sound, he will not hear, just ate, I look at the room is clean than the last see relaxed many, felt a small comfortable. I cried, Grandpa I come back. Like my childhood, as if it were my student times, each time you play, return, each school, in the first sentence. My grandmother died early, spend more time with me and grandpa point. He looked up, saw me, almost stood up, I quickly ran, holding him, and then smiled at him.
Grandpa is old many, but not many white hair, hair is particularly good, that I'd inherited his. His old embodied in the outer layers of the skin and the reaction ability, I took hold of his arm, wrinkled skin and baggy wrapped bone, the action that seems to be what things to brim over with tears my heart, I flew back to God, he had eaten, put down the chopsticks, I took a piece of paper towel with the help of his mouth, residual wipe greasy, he said no. Then I picked up the tableware, in the yard of the basin there then washing dishes, looked at from time to time old grandpa, mind more and more heavy, he already eighty-seven old, rather a person lived in several uncle of remote villages, is not willing to move to the street and the uncle who lived.
I know, he is afraid, old Zhao too ageLOC Me.
Other dishes washed, table, I helped him to bed, he is unwilling to nap, say to want to have a look the television. The last time come back to see him that small TV cannot see, two brothers and my father moved to the bigger TV, for his boredom. He and I said some small household affairs, suddenly a man came into the house, I saw my father, my father said to be came to pick me home for dinner. I didn't say angrily to wait, as with grandpa go home.
Grandpa declined quickly, said while watching television, will go to rest. I also had to answer. Asked whether he can walk around, Grandpa immediately in my arm, in the room to take a lot of step, because it burns, because swollen feet, so it looks better go hard, I feel sad, he asked him to sit down or go to bed, nap, he is very strong, with foot pain, then need to exercise movement. I can only rely on him, after a few minutes, to sit on the chair, I put the fruit washed, handed him a, is mangosteen. He likes.
The minutes passed, is already afternoon, father's urging, I had to say goodbye to grandpa. I know, don't stay to look after him, this is the most regret and most apologetic.
Father and I went to the door, I'm still from time to time, goodbye, asks him to do housework at home, don't go out, don't always movement, many lie, my mother every day to do the housework. Call him at home, there are some uncomfortable to my mother said a lot of words, words. Always feel false, but who can solve it,
He is in my face for a moment, cast a very reluctant eyes, that kind of concern, there are only between relatives. Visit just visit, as I cannot achieve personal care, cannot explain that is filial piety.
The old man, a lifetime for children to pay all, life without giving. Sometimes in return is just visit in disease. But some people often children, grandchildren, and even visit can not do. Dear son to support and not to be, they may have a short duration of time, perhaps a minute, it will disappear. And then, would feel regret.

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