August 15, 2014

whether taste a snack

Because they are no longer competitive thoughts, so be content to concealment and deception. For example, I arrive at your city in the early hours of the morning dragged the heavy suitcase, but I did not tell. Whether it is long in a daze strange sofa, in the lonely long leaved plants by pacing; whether to open a post in the morning, or on an old book in the dusk; whether taste a snack, or play with a string of beadskung fu hong kong.

In a word, I won't tell, you know. So hurry, staggered to the people in the political arena. I wear sneakers and shorts like, mountaineering bag has a capacity of a few liters, have become stupid relent, I don't have to tell, you do not have to care about.
The so-called Jianghu, but river is a river, lake is a lake. This is the two hearts for each other distance height of awe and depth of identity, going a step too far. So precious peace, as covered in red dust all rough snow geared dc motor.
"In the political arena, but is placed in the arena. For example, you pass my usual hang around the library, for I go to a specific floor, go through the wall frame, careful attention at the feet of the plants, wild speculations I love seat and books. Because of fear or looking forward to meet me suddenly in the elevator, at the end of the corridor, the water cooler and shortness of breath, feel an upsurge of emotion. But you don't know me.
Do you think you inform me? So, you know, I know. You have been here, as if from the future. You are near, it seems never to. Two hearts are down, as if two hearts are deleted.
So well understanding of alienation, it is divided the two heart of gold? The bridge length, the other shore flower bloom, sansei stone growth annihilation, but such as is about matrix mini-i pro.
You carefully placed in the eternal clean corner. The sun has, Meiyu has, frost and dew the rosy clouds there, the wind has, Haoyue there, spring has, with the poetry, love of. Only dare not disturb you. We dare not by secular face revealed to you, more do not want to expose your covered with years of dust creator yarn.
Therefore, Neruda said, "I like for you to be still, and you seem far away" Office Furniture Hong Kong.

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