September 24, 2014

why is it called sneakers

Sleep, then such as dead, open my eyes to wake up really don't know where it is, to have a look around for a good Chen Zi, only to come back to reality, hands tightly hold Maid......

It seems that should seize the time, and it seems that the time was not I, seems to be back to the simple small town, can smell earthy scent in the rugged path, from the first go to the other, and then the back of the head, back and forth to roam......
A group of people, is familiar with the unfamiliar, some students have friends, stop and go, stop go, while standing in the old high under trees, looked at the branches covered with golden autumn persimmon fruits, for a while back in laughter in the classroom......
So I walked and looked at, at the foot of the granite is really hot, I think now if there is a pair of shoes is good, a pair of longing for the long white boots. Why is it called sneakers, and I didn't kick the ball, now I just want to have a pair of shoes, can wear it to walk on this stone and not very hot feet.
I want to wear it at noon, playing an egg at then it will slowly cooked in this stone, I think, the foot also danced on the hot stone, that can reduce the hot sauce bottle, I waved hands quickly walked the little feet company incorporation.
I was so excited to walk, walk in the smooth stone. Not wide on both sides of the street, lined with vendors of groceries, I saw a pool table in my aunt home, placed above a lot of glass filled with water, be riotous with colour, glass each cover a square, square table lowering with a call from wells in well water barrels, I looked in the distance, want to go home but also do so, I was thinking how practices, sweet water must be put in the saccharin, but the color, I think often eat amaranth, with the red water, right, go back to do the same, I lick the lips, a way to feel its sweet.
Not far from the front to the front of the hospital, several vendors by twos and threes under thick Chinese parasol tree, stands a table full of incision of watermelon, the top covered with gauze of white, red is gratifying, yellow tempting, there by twos and threes people Perspiration came down like raindrops. outside eating watermelon, I will be busy ready bamboo screen stretch past, I seem to also want a good-looking, bamboo screen put it far away, I watched them eat squeak squeak call call, as I after harvest in eating what they spit seeds, seed particles is really big, is also very crisp.
I walk while eating crisp melon seeds, a Lu Mai small foot carrying a bamboo basket to the pond to wash the dishes, in the pond into a long stone water, washing washing, bowl accidentally slipped into the pond, it slowly wave a slanting then capsized to the bottom, I looked at it a crooked one skew rolling, gradually sank, the last point does not see, the heart also brush to cool down......
A group of fish in the water jump around moved back and forth, as if also is not foraging, they jump in, annoyed with tears in her eyes looked at me this little children lost their bowl, laughing.
I like to see them at once happy, I forgot to throw the bowl of troubles, gently insert the bamboo basket put in the water, carrying a basket I remained motionless, silently watching them into the basket, etc..
They swam to one point one points, the Middle East and smell in my basket, West Chou Chou, one, two, three... "Shua" I suddenly put water in a bamboo basket basket, seam purging down, leaving a few small fish unwilling to dancing, they have become my prisoner, I look at them happy smile forget lost bowl of distress DRREBORN.
A few childhood partners are naked and play with water in the water splash splash, pose invariant forever is the original "Doggy", I asked them to help me salvage. They water jump while, all of a sudden become turbid water, several dive back and forth, I got my lost bowl, I was very happy, I also unexpected harvest soup bowl and spoon lost long ago, and don't know who is lost to the bowl and scissors......

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