November 20, 2014

windows of the soul

The door is a necessity, but the window is a luxury.
A more humble house can not windows, but can not door. In a narrow sense, the door is of significance in division two environment: one is filled with external environment is noisy, turbid order; one is full of warm, harmonious, comfortable environment, this is the door of the house. Some doors are just the opposite, as the prison gates. The window can be said to be our harbour, vision, is our sorrow, joy, leisurely place. Neo Derm Beauty Box Bian Zhilin made "fragments" in a poem to describe very aptly: "the bright moon decorated your window, you have decorated the dream of others." The window full of reverie, is death or lovers meet before meeting place, "the window" this song is more or less sustenance of this kind of feeling. The prevalence of sorrow "Daiyu made by wind and rain in autumn evening" must be sent by the window thinking.
The eyes are the windows of the soul, the window is the eye of a house. The night friends, just look at the window there is no light can roughly know the owner was not at home, it is appropriate to disturb. As through their eyes can know his emotions. The door is a lifetime to touch it, even the dead are going into the jaws of death. Visible door also like to eat and sleep as indispensable.neo skin lab derma21 People to death, nothing more than from was born in into one and another door, but there is a close one and another door, until into the jaws of death. Some doors go after the easy life fall to this, some doors enter will get another light of heaven and earth, so a threshold, to guard. Turgenev "the threshold" in the slow, muddy voice said: "cold, hunger, hatred, ridicule, contempt, insult, prisons, illness, or death." But the girl bravely stepped into the threshold. Open this door is dark, but another door girl pursuit behind the light is dark. "The night gave me black eyes, but I use it to look for light." That is a reason teaching excellence.
Open the windows of the soul, let tired heart to the sun. Close another door, there will be another window will open for you. Life is so warm neo skin lab derma21

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