January 28, 2014

leaving my happiness

You say go, is really gone, so let it be. Like a dream, wake up, don't really see, so absurd, but it is real. Forget ever hold, once beautiful, once happy, once done, everything is gone, then we say again as a person alone......external sound card
All the memories are beautiful, memories are sad happy passing. Each time you want to recall, is a touch of sadness, think of the heart will follow a throb of pain, like a tattoo that chest, cut so deep. Sometimes the delusion clear about your little mind, more want to forget the memory more and more clear, really, to be more strong, dare to face you hurt heart, so you think constantly of memories? Not in the past, how can forget this?
Accustomed to the night thoughts, I think you, very think. But you don't know, it's just love me. Used to savor the happiness before time, I have received your favor, put me in the palm of the hand, I like the life here. But all this only once. Listen to sad music, I think to myself
In the wave of youth, love is so erratic, you're feeling the humble painted a pen, may feel dull not surprised, but sometimes we forget the last meeting how, what is our past life. Then you choice, I can only respect, just is in far fetched, why does each perfunctory
You go away, leaving my happiness, I also can not give you happiness, wish we are all well. Life put us on the road, we walk alone, perhaps to see every day is a new sun, the sadness wash away in the dark night. All fate, happiness in the happiness go away!

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